Thursday, December 1, 2022
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American Companies in Russia  
Half of American companies surveyed report sales increases of 200% in Russia from 2001 to 2005

97% of U.S. companies in Russia project continued growth in sales during the next three years

92% of U.S. companies in Russia believe that continued commercial engagement with Russia is positive for American business, and 86% believe that Russia’s membership in the WTO will bring new opportunities for them

American companies in Russia are helping to bridge the “values gap” between Russia and the United States by adhering to American business values and promoting these values among their Russian employees

Profitability of two-thirds of American companies in Russia is on or above target

U.S. companies are making a profound and lasting impact on their Russian employees and business partners, consistently and strongly communicating such key values as law compliance, merit-based compensation, strong business ethics and corporate social responsibility

90% of Russian employees of American companies in Russia support expanding relations with the United States, compared to 52% of employees working for Russian companies

75% of Russian employees of American companies in Russia view the United States positively, compared to 47% of employees in Russian-owned companies

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